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Front of the Big Gloster Fancy Book.

THE BIG GLOSTER-FANCY BOOK is sent to 30 different countries.



Dear gloster friends

we are repeatedly asked on our website www.gloster-fancy.dk , or email [email protected]  and on facebook, where or how gloster friends can order "THE BIG GLOSTER FANCY BOOK"?
Therefore this explanation to anyone interested, we need the following information:


Send your home post address, to [email protected]  so I can send the book.

You will receive a PayPal invoice one your email, after your order is received.
PayPal is a digital payment processing system without bank fee you pay just my PayPal invoice with your Visa card (bank card).

Once payment is received on our PayPal account, we will send the book on air cargo immediately!

The book costs £ 26,5 + plus air mail = $ 36,5 + plus air mail

In England you can now order the book directly from Richard Lumley [email protected]  
In Germany, you can now order the book through "Der Vogelfreund".

We are looking for people who would like to sell our book in their home country if you are interested in this please contact us on [email protected]

In this way the interested reader quickly receive their book (it takes 2 to 3 weeks to send the book from Greenland to other countries) and shipping costs are cheaper.


Nuunu Eli Olsen and Herluf Grønlund



Dear gloster-fancy friends, thanks for your support!

Our new English gloster-fancy book is now also sent to Mexico and Slovakia.
Therefore, the book is now sent to 30 countries worldwide: England, Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, Holland, Belgian, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Italy, France, Arab Immigrate, Malta, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Greenland, Italy, Australia and Greece.

It is nice to note that gloster breeder in the world, have been waiting for this book! We say many thanks to all gloster-fancy breeders around the world who have supported us by ordering our book.


Sporty gloster greeting
Nuunu Eli and Herluf from Greenland

Qaqortoq den 14.03.2015


From the IGBA annonce, 2nd Edition Handbook 2014, pages 63 and 65.

New Gloster-Fancy book published in English, 01.11-2014. 

In November 2013 a new Gloster Fancy book was Published in Denmark, written in Danish. The book was written by IGBA member Herluf Grønlund G928, Herluf is a trained canary judge and has bred canaries for over 30 years. He was Danish Nationals champion 2013 with gloster fancy corona and consort, and has an excellent stad af Gloster and Norwich Canaries. He also was the Danish National champion with a Norwich flighted and unflighted canary.

The Danish Gloster-Fancy book has 322 pages and has received very good reviews in Denmark; it is currently being translated into English and has 232 pages. The author has attached much importance to writing about feather quality and writes about the breeding of gloster fancy canaries by modern methods. We expect that the English version will be released in November 2014. The price of this book is £ 26,5.

The book can now be ordered at this address: [email protected]

We say thank you in advance and wish alle breeding a succesful year 2015.



Nuunu Eli Olsen and Herluf Grønlund from Greenland.

Here you can see the back of the Big Gloster Fancy Book.